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Take 2: Where Did the Week Go?

It was a great week.

However, on Friday the 13th, the day I mostly didn't do anything on the computer, the motherboard committed suicide. We did go to the Cape that weekend, and had a lovely time. We looked at pressed glass (for a loooooonnng time. Note to self: go out to the car and eat the damn turkey sandwich next time.). We ate at Napi's in P-town, and they had a Chocolate Silk Pie, so I even got non-sorbet dessert on Valentine's Day. Wow. Who'da'thunk? We did not get a hotel room with a whirlpool that night because (a) most of the Cape is closed at this time of year and (b) everyone else had the same idea and got reservations. But we did stay at Cotuit Inn, where Julie was very nice, reminded me a lot of Jeanette's B&B in Flagstaff. And we got a whirlpool in Bourne on Sunday night.

Sunday was brutally cold. At Heritage Plantation, they tried to bully us into accepting rides between the auto, art and history museums, but we insisted on walking. Saturday had not been as bad, and we walked around in the woods and on the beach at the Seashore. Very pretty. I do not understand how birds can live, when they have to duck their heads into partially frozen bodies of water to find food. I think I'd die.

This week, I put on the Icebugs (I love my shoes) and went for a walk in the woods, because it was too icy and crusty for it to be fun to XC ski. Other than that, I've been sitting around reading cheesy novels. And not logging in because of the motherboard suicide. Dell kindly sent a replacement. And while I did not go out on Monday night (I needed to recover from the weekend), we did go out on Tuesday to Zuzu's, for our garlic-and-sit-down-music fix.
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