walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Double Take_, Catherine Coulter

This is N in a series of romantic suspense novels revolving around FBI agents Sherlock and Savich, his computer MAX, and a variety of their Law Enforcement compatriots, friends, family, nanny, etc.

In this entry, Sheriff Dixon Noble whose wife disappeared three years ago is recently involved with Ruth W. They aren't moving too fast, because he doesn't want to claim his wife has abandoned him and it's too soon to declare her dead. Then word in the family is the wife's godfather saw her in San Francisco. Dixon goes out to investigate. She looks very similar, but is not his wife. Meanwhile, a black guy tried to kill the widow of a psychic/necromancer. The attempt is foiled by Special Agent Cheney Stone. Of course these threads will be tied together eventually, altho not until quite late in the novel. Finding out that thirty years ago, some guy was sleeping with his next door neighbor, an older woman who was quite unpleasant, then he killed her and her husband and would have gotten away with it except their son framed him successfully for the murder (which he did actually commit), and then the son used the psychic to stay in touch with Mommie Dearest and then happened to stumble across the sheriff's wife who was a ringer for Mommie Dearest but wouldn't leave husband and kids to hang out with Mommie Dearest's psycho son, so he killed her. But then a guy who knew the sheriff's wife had a sister that looked a lot like her and with work looked even more like her and therefore Mommie Dearest, so they hooked up and then the godfather of the dead woman saw the brother's sister, now wife of psycho son of Mommie Dearest. And this is supposed to explain why psycho son hired the black guy to go on a killing spree including the psychic, the psychic's wife, other psychics in the Bay area, etc.

I have reservations about Coulter -- that's why I get her from the library, and really only when I'm too tired to exert any energy to find something better. After this outing, I may just revert to rereading _The Cove_ whenever I'm tempted to read Coulter. _The Cove_ is awesomely hilarious and wonderful in many ways. The rest of the series ranges from meh to this turd. I mean, it's one thing when all the good guys are LEOs and right wingers who live in rural Virginia. It's a whole other thing when your bad guys wear t-shirts that say I Only Swing Left and say things like I can't believe they said Barbara was too far left. I'll tolerate a lot of right wing foolishness in an otherwise good romance novel, but this isn't an otherwise good romance novel and this is actually going way, way, too far into cartoon-land.

Also, having the only black guy be the crazy assassin is Not Okay. I keep hoping I just read too fast and missed the sympathetic or at least neutral non-white characters. I suppose I should be grateful the good guys didn't attend a Promise Keepers event or a Klan gathering.
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