walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

I can't mock Apple

I own AAPL and I'm up (a lot). I can't mock them. It's painful.

But look at this priceless paragraph:


"If a surge in iPhone readers is really happening, it's easier to give credence to the rumors that Apple is developing a device to explore this market further, a larger version of the phoneless Touch that would be both ebook reader and turbocharged tablet computer."

[ETA: Someone else is working the tablet netbook touch screen angle:


Runs hot, crappy keyboard, not for me. But interesting, particularly as a kiddie entertainment device on flights.

Apple has a history of really, really, really nailing a market, and then missing the next several big trends and more or less torpedoing themselves. Then nailing a market, blah, blah, bleeping blah. Apple also has a history of absolutely True Believer customers killing themselves because they were convinced Apple was going to do something breathtakingly sensible to catch that next trend. And just dying when they were disappointed.

This paragraph is noteworthy because while the word "netbook" is not used, it's quite clear that's what they are talking about. Apple, in the process of having missed the eBook thing, and in the process of missing the netbook thing, is now being rumored to have a category killer that Magically Combines the Best of Both.

Hope so. I'd sure buy one. But I've ordered a Kindle 2 in the interim, and fully plan on buying one of the Q2 or Q3 HP Mini-Notes.
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