walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Guilty Pleasures

There is something wrong with me that I can't seem to think of any guilty pleasures right now. Or possibly that's a normal state for having an under 6 month old.

In any event, byrdie tagged me with this game, the rules of which I am about to violate by (a) not stating the rules clearly and (b) not tagging anyone else.

(1) All the child care I can hire. I used to feel guilty about this. Now, I do not. I sleep with the kid, and nurse him throughout the night (again, for the last two nights, that's close to hourly, as in, every hour, for somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes). Fortunately, I can sleep through a lot of this process, and rarely wake up completely, other than to switch sides. The kid has never gotten a bottle, not of formula, nor even pumped breastmilk, which means I've never been separated from him for more than three hours since he was born. I figure I'm on call 24 X 7 and I can afford to pay people to do other things like, say, take him to the potty, change him when we missed, hold him while he's napping (or watch him and read a book) and entertain him while he's awake. And the childcare is quite good at the entertainment. They take him for walks in the Snugli, too.

(2) Martial arts class twice a week. This is more a risky pleasure than a guilty one. It has caused me some grief, trying to find a bra (the rest of the time I can go without). You try finding bra selections in 36H and 36I. I have Decent Exposures and I've been to Nordstrom's. If you have further ideas, pass them along.

(3) Alcohol. I had a margarita last night. Yum. Do I feel guilty? Nope. If I got flat drunk, the milk would have less alcohol in it than NON alcoholic beer. And it was one margarita, weak. I think I feel more guilty about the salt than the alcohol.

(4) Oh, wait, there IS a guilty pleasure here. I ate Thai food that I had not ordered and made sure had no shrimp paste in it. Yes, it was tasty. Boy, was that a mistake. Had a bad headache AND the kid had the runs (or at least fizzy poo) for a day and a half. I won't be doing that again. I do feel guilty about it.

(5) And smoothie with a ton of cocoa powder in it. As I drank it, it occurred to me that might be enough caffeine to keep me awake. And I was right. Ouch. I don't feel guilt, but I was extra special sleep deprived the next day or so.
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