walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

great kindle coverage! Apparently, it takes a Muslim. . .


Seriously. Really great analysis.

I have a couple of quibbles. First, a lot of times I'm reading something non-fiction, and a point is made that I become curious about in a way that the book does not address. I'll often reach for my laptop to dig up the study referred to, or do additional research googling the topic, then, curiosity satisfied (possibly to the detriment of my opinion of the author), I return to reading. I can't use the browser on the kindle because of where I currently live, but I see it as more compatible with long-form, serious reading than the author of this article seems to.

Second, I don't think reading is either solitary, or incompatible with multi-tasking. I often read with the TV on, while supervising one or more children, while cooking, eating, hanging out with my husband, etc. I've read a book while walking somewhere, even on a trail in the woods. I've read on a treadmill (altho not on a rebounder). I've read in the tub. I've read on the toilet (haven't we all?). I love the kindle because it is closer to hands free than almost any paper book form factor, altho I'm too chicken to read in the tub with it, much less anywhere near sand.

The author of the piece, however, displays a rhetorical skill perhaps unique to someone who really does focus single-mindedly on the written word, without interruption. And that, I have a lot of respect for. It is, today, very, very rare.
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