walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

life is not fair

Jill Scott, who I luuurrrrvvvee with a deep and abiding passion, apparently has the Mma Ramotswe role in an HBO version of the never to be sufficiently damned Alexander McCall Smith's series. The series, as regular readers of this blog probably still don't recall, is one I have gone after on account of being culturally colonial. Judging by the appearance of small, point and shoot digital cameras in the trailer, the time frame in which the stories are set has been brought up to the present day, which would seem to run into some serious problems given the setting in Gabarone. However, maybe they moved it. *shrug*

So. I love Jill Scott. I don't like McCall Smith at all. What to do? Any suggestions? Perhaps the series is Nothing Like the Books. In a good way?

ETA: FWIW, the University of Botswana History Department is not so inclined to go after McCall Smith and his fiction as I am:


"The books should not be made to carry too much weight, and criticisms that they do not deal in depth with Africa's problems are a little unfair: part of the original point of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency was to counter western perceptions that Africans were incapable of living ordinary lives and running their affairs, but lived entirely in a state of disaster."

Fair enough.
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