walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Right America, Feeling Wronged_, Alexandra Pelosi

I would imagine that after it's not just on HBO, it'll be available on DVD via netflix and maybe on some basic cable some day. We have HBO because I was watching True Blood, which I currently find completely unappealing, but hope someday to maybe be interested in again.

R. watched a small (very small) part of this with me. He said he didn't think he could stand to watch the whole thing, and in many ways, this is a remarkably painful experience. I know, when I watch Keith Olbermann, that there's probably some key piece of the story being left out. I often go look it up (altho these days, I watch Rachel Maddow -- she's less inclined to leave crucial details out, but even there, I check things that don't pass the sniff test). I know there is bias and I work to counter it where necessary. I also know that a lot of people believe -- or say they believe -- Faux News' claim to be "fair and balanced". But actually watching a string of people say that, watching grown men cry because there's about to be a black president (or, even if they had gotten McCain, a woman vice-president, when they don't even think women should vote), watching an anorexic woman try to convince people in the soup kitchen to vote for the pro-life guy, watching people worry that Obama is the antichrist, or Hitler -- all that is really pretty cringeworthy.

But the very best moment, hands down, was _not_ the guy who couldn't spell socialism, and couldn't remember the word capitalism. No, the very best moment was the person who said that if McCain lost, they were going to move to Canada. Moving to Costa Rica, or Spain or the Bahamas, was mildly amusing. But the idea that die-hard Republican would threaten what all my center-left friends kept threatening to do up until 2006 -- that was funny.

Until I remembered Stephen Harper, of course.

But then I was okay again, because even a right wing Canadian is still in favor of universal health care.

I also thought the answer to the question about why the anger levels were getting so high around September or so was interesting. A woman came right out and said, they're hitting us where we live, I looked in my 401K the other day. I understand that watching the money melt away can lead to fear and anger. I'm a little confused about why it would be directed at Obama, who clearly had precious little to do with the policies that led up to that moment, and support for McCain who is/was about an establishment a figure as can be readily imagined. But then, that kind of fear and anger is often directed towards minorities. No surprises, right, other than that this is all kind of unpleasant.

Second best moment was the black guy ranting at Pelosi for coming all the way down to Mississippi to find someone who calls a black man the N word, as if she couldn't have found that in New York. Nice rant.
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