walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

paying your debts, without having to actually hand over the green stuff

There are a lot of Democrats From the Past who have been waiting for their party to Rise Again. The party owes them a lot, goes the theory, and the new guy should pay up. Interestingly enough, he has been offering to do so, yet his checks are not being cashed. There was the guy who ran in the 1980s on how he drove his ancient car himself to work every day at the capitol, went down with a no taxes paid on the car and driver supplied by I forget who or what. There was that governor who almost hired Monica as a favor to Bill, lost early on in the last campaign, went down over pay to play allegations. I don't think anyone will suggest the new guy owes any spot to the guy with the hair (no, not Blago, the $400 haircut guy), after the Enquirer's scoop turned out to have some basis in fact.

In some ways, it looks like the only Past Player who has collected wasn't so much a Player from the Past as someone who arose in the interim.

I think it's kind of interesting that people are all hung up on the can't-you-guys-vet question, without necessarily noticing how the Big Guy gets to nominate the people he "owes" -- without having to actually _have_ them in his cabinet. Or, for that matter, ever have to hear anyone nag at him about them ever again. If he _hadn't_ nominated them, he would never have heard the end of it. Just like if he hadn't tried the sweeten-the-deal-for-the-Republicans, he'd never have heard the end of that.

On an unrelated note, I like the girl-boy-girl-boy rotation he's doing in the Town Halls. I would have liked it even better if he _only_ took questions from women, but I'll take what I can get.
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