walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

was it something I did?

My ISP is off-line.

BSO is not recognizing my EIN.

To be fair, BSO's Contact Us link, among others, is broken, and they have two large announcements on their main page, one about use the alternate fax line if you can't get through on the main number and don't use an auto-dialer and the other about how they won't be processing stuff until late January 2009 (which consulting my calendar suggests . . . we're already past).

I have this feeling that the Bush administration, among other things, pulled funding and folk off all the government websites during their last weeks/months in office. Among other things I've personally noticed, the flood.gov sites flood risk by address service went away.

But the SSA's online filing for wage reporting being unavailable? Really? Wow. It's kind of like the world ended in so many other ways, the really important little things aren't getting any attention.

ETA: Tomorrow morning, I'll be calling their 1-800 number. Care to hazard a guess how that's going to go?
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