walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Toddler Fun: I'm a Big Boy Now and No, I Want the Old One

T. may not talk much, certainly, he isn't verbal enough to say either of the items in the heading. But that doesn't mean he isn't thinking and feeling them. Two cases in point:

He's been resisting going for rides in the white van, infinitely preferring the blue car. In the van, he sits in his Britax Boulevard. In the car, he's been upgraded to the Big Boy Compass booster. Today, R. really wanted to take the van (packed full of garbage and recycling goodness) to the transfer station. He ultimately removed the Boulevard, put in the booster and voila, T. was willing to play along. A little edgily, but still.

I'm a Big Boy Now, with a Big Boy Seat. An earlier example of this behavior led to me putting the Kinderzeat in the basement, since he insisted in sitting in a regular chair at the dining table.

Next case: No, I want the Old One. T., like all toddlers/young children, is obsessed with the dishwasher. T. being T., and me being me, he actually knows the right buttons to push, he knows about loading dirty stuff and removing clean stuff (that's the boring part) and putting soap in the dispenser. Our job is to keep him from getting the detergent on him, and to ensure he turns the dishwasher off if he opens the door, and similar safety things.

Well, inevitably, the box of dishwasher detergent ran out, and Someone Put It Visibly in the Kitchen Trash, as opposed to all the way out hidden where he couldn't find it. There was a new box of detergent which, furthermore, was a different brand. Tragedy! He kept trying to get the old box out, until I had someone remove the entire bin, then we had to practice the whole soap routine (maybe 5-6 times) so he could get used to this Huge Tragic Change.

No, I Want the Old One, in other words.

Nice to know that emotional development and cognitive stuff is happening exactly the way it should be. Of course, it _does_ mean that any adults who have temporarily lost track of basic 2-4 year old nature are going to be confused as hell, because T. isn't going to be explaining any of it verbally to anyone.
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