walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

another day, another . . .

First, and most important, today A. rolled from her back to her front (which she has done before) and then to her back again (which is a first). We missed seeing that latter step, because we weren't expecting it; we were just letting her do tummy time until she complained. Which she didn't, because she fixed the problem herself. Go. A.! But not too fast; the place isn't completely child-proofed for infants.

Second, A. got a Hib shot today. She didn't like that. Can't blame her.

I had sushi. Yum. I'm not going to miss You-Yous, because it'll still be a reasonable distance for going out to eat.

For those of you don't read my journal logged in as an LJ friend, we are buying a house in Acton, MA. Today's house-related activities included scheduling a home inspection, receiving a GFE, and passing around routing instructions for the wire transfer at closing. Best of all, the mortgage rate dropped slightly more -- it's down to 5.125 on a 30 year fixed conforming. And that's not from some internet lender or shady operation, either. I also added yet another item to the list of things I would like the builder to do for us (see, I figure if I pay asking price without blinking -- it was a _very_ reasonable asking price -- then I can expect that they'll make a few changes in the process of finishing the house and not jack me around too much on the added price; I'll let you know how this turns out): a dedicated circuit in the garage or basement (whichever is easiest since we don't care) for a chest freezer.

And I got a haircut, which included dropping A. off in the nursery at Hampshire Hills. She was fine, altho definitely let me know how annoyed she was that I had abandoned her for 45 minutes. They _loved_ her, because of course she was very polite and nice to them. That's pretty much my kids all over -- save the wailing for mama.

R. and I continue to mentally furnish the new home. We're keeping the new purchases to an absolutely minimum, so we can extract the most possible fun out of buying furniture by stretching the process out. However, we're going to buy bunk beds (because we can!), and probably a very low platform bed for the queen sized memory foam that is currently on the floor. We're going to dodge the upstairs guest bedroom seating/bedding issue by continuing to extract life from the double sized futon and the couch frame it fits on. They're pretty old, but still marginally functional.

The treadmill will NOT be in the basement, altho I continue to waffle on whether to use the dining room as a dining room or as a playroom for a few years. If the latter, the treadmill could go in there. Otherwise, somewhere in the master suite.
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