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kindle: actual journalism!


Basically, someone read Sprint's financial reports and put wholesale devices and partners together with the kindle and concluded that Amazon really did sell a half million of those devices the gadget press loves to sneer at.

But because I just _cannot_ bring myself to leave this alone, here's yet another from the illiterate gadget freaks:


Best quote:

"There may be many avid readers, but few people that I know buy a book every single month. It is much easier for people to consume music and video than it is to sit down and find the time to read."

It's this kind of crap that makes me go, you think I'm weird? Hey, if you're normal, I don't want to be. Jesus H. -- you don't know people reading 12 books a year? I have numerous friends who are in triple digits. I have a few friends who belong to _more than one book group_ -- that is, they belong to social groups, plural, each of which requires them to read a book a month, and that's on top of what they read on their own for fun.

By contrast, I probably only buy a few dozen CDs a year, and lately, I've gone weeks at a time without listening to a single CD or watching a single DVD. It isn't about _easy_. It's about preferences and priorities.

Already. My huff at the idiots moment is over.
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