walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Infant Fun: Baby Containers, redux

Well, the high chair and the activity device are huge hits with A. (and also with me). I can cook! Park her in the high chair and I get a solid half hour in the kitchen, sometimes more. R. likes to play with her in the activity thing. The only problem with that is the foot print -- it takes up a shocking amount of space. The big problem with the high chair is it's a bit of a temptation for T. to climb up in. He's only tried it once and he accepted the hey, knock it off that's not safe he got from his papa, but I'm mildly concerned that if I leave the room I may hear a crash. Hopefully she will not be in it should that happen.

I took A. out for errands today in the bucket -- post office, bank, lunch at the Red Arrow in Milford. It sucks carrying her around in it. I need to start bringing the Snugli or the Cozy or something and leave the bucket in the van. I hate to do that, because I'm afraid she'll freeze when we get back to the van, but this is just destroying my back. And these kinds of errands are definitely not stroller friendly.
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