walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Running Hot_, Jayne Ann Krentz

Yet another in the contemporary Arcane Society series, Krentz has at least one character crossover from her Eclipse Bay series (Arizona Snowe). Grace and Luther, both aura talents, are sent by J&J to figure out if Eubanks is a serial murderer with paranormal powers or not. They get there. He is. But the mission gets complicated quickly as they stumble across a Board meeting of Nightshade and come to the attention of the Founder and CEO of Nightshade as well. There's a whole crazy opera singer subplot that I'm still trying to figure out if I was supposed to take that at all seriously or if it was _really_ just there for giggles (I suspect the latter).

I sure wouldn't start here, if you've never read any of these before, but as a kindle edition, it was moderately entertaining.
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