walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

the unread morons who review devices are at it again


This time, speculation about a February 9 release of the Kindle 2. In addition to the usual laundry list of why-the-hell-would-anyone-want-a-kindle, this guy is arguing that the iPhone is a more convenient book reader than the kindle.

Not that he's read a book on either.

Not that he's read a book lately. I mean, I'm just speculating, but really -- anyone who thinks that $359 or $399 is a lot to spend on a book reader _clearly_ has no idea how much money people who read books spend on books over the course of a year. $400 is chump change to a serious reader.

Hey, I ran a spreadsheet analysis to prove it. Remember?


This is a better article:


But this bit is hilarious:

"Whatever Amazon trots out, Tim Bajarin, president of the Creative Strategies consulting firm, doesn't expect shortages to be a major issue. "This time they at least know what the sales cycles have looked like," Bajarin says. "I have to believe they're going to be smarter about building and managing inventory.""

Tim, Tim, Tim. Have you paid _any_ attention to the history of Amazon? I'm sure they'll be _plenty_ smart about managing inventory -- but there will still be shortages. That company _believes_ in fulfill-after-you-collect-the-funds.



Unwarranted confidence here:

"(Today's buyers will no doubt get the updated model)."

Why would you think _that_? Besides, anyone out there with a brain riding on top of their shoulders would expect _every single owner_ of a kindle v. 1 to be lining up to buy kindle v. 2. Here's the real question: will any of those people be selling v. 1 on the used market or will they be passing it along to a family member (or hoarding it in case v. 2 croaks on them or otherwise disappoints)?
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