walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Infant Fun: Baby Containers

A. naps so unbelievably well in the moses basket and on the bed (bad mama! yeah, whatever. We knew that.), and so dislikes the Amby hammock that we have put the hammock away and got out the jumper attachment for the frame. Which is a little dodgy for her; she's kinda small for it, even tho she's big. We didn't get much use out of it for T., because the time he needed support to jump was very limited, and the physical size appropriateness/developmental appropriateness overlap was minimal (more like, nonexistent).

I also took T. to Target today to buy an activity thing (the Baby Einstein Musical Motional Activity Jumper won the toss -- its only meaningful competitor was the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo and the piano attachment edged it out). A. seems to like it, altho again, it's slightly early days yet.

I'm currently eying high chairs, since A. is tolerant of standard baby containers, and there have been moments when I've really needed to do a little hands-on enforcement of "No!" to T., and keep A. safe at the same time. I'm hoping a high chair will help. The Fisher Price Rainforest high chair is the current contender, again based on quality of plastic crap, er, attachments. R. is convinced we don't need this, because she will shortly be in the Tripp Trapp. Me, I am not so optimistic and don't trust the restraints on that thing with a kid that isn't safe to climb in and out of it by themselves which she will not be until she's closer to a year old. The attachments (baby rail and cushion) to make it safe for a baby her age cost around $75 (and that's on closeout) and the baby rail has scary reviews (it broke and left tiny shards, or similar -- ack!).

Can a pack and play be that far off? I'm still hoping I can avoid one, but I keep thinking that the idea of making T. put away everything chokeable for a year or more isn't worth even thinking about. My friends who have more than one child insist that I just need to lower my standards a little.
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