walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

rolling over!?!

A. rolled from her back to her front today. From there, she wasn't sure what to do next so when she got tired acting I rolled her to her back and after a while we went upstairs and she nursed to sleep.

I remember when T. first rolled all the way over. We were in the bathroom. He was on the vanity. Fortunately, he rolled into the sink, instead of off the vanity and into the garbage can on the floor next to the vanity. Taught me not to turn my back on him to toss something in the laundry.

All around, this is a much better way to discover your kid is a bit ahead of the curve on gross motor skills.

She's also doing the stand and lean thing, and only needs to hold onto someone's hands for balance while standing. It's almost impossible to get her to take a step, tho. She's starting to hold herself in a sitting position.
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