walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

the next election...

It was natural, in my view, to turn immediately from the 2006 election and start thinking of the 2008 Presidential cycle. After the Historic Victory, there was scattered commentary along the lines of, ooh, bet all those political junkies are going to be jonesing now that there won't be anything more to read.

Ha! I said at the time. There were still elections undecided across the country.

In fact, we're _still_ waiting on the outcome of Franken v. Coleman. And lo, what yonder does a political junkie see, beyond the retreats to rebrand the GOP, the retirement announcements of septuagenarian Republican Senators and so forth?


An article in the NYT handicapping the 2010 midterm elections. Not well, mind you, but they're doing it.

Ha! I say. Ha!

And I still read 538 almost every day, because I llllluuuuuurrrrvv Nate.
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