walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Snow! Really, quite a lot of it.

R. took the snowblower to it, so our guests showed up anyway. M & M are expecting (altho not until August). This is convenient because we really like M & M so it's a no-brainer to unload on them all our precious but no longer needed baby artifacts. Currently, that's way too many books about birth and so forth, but eventually it will be clothing and strollers and similar.

A good time was had by all. M is a licensed social worker who actually knows a thing or two about autism and ASD. She's quite unimpressed by the idea that T. has any particular issues. Ha! We're still going to try to get some speech therapy, however.

We all have colds around here, which is a bummer. A. is the least ill; T. the most ill with the adults somewhere in between. I'm a bit sicker than R. T.'s appetite dropped a bit last week, but has mostly recovered. His energy levels have not dropped much at any point. He coughs himself awake sometimes at night and has trouble getting back to sleep which is a huge bummer for R. Other than that, the biggest problem is he keeps running around and jumping and all that activity causes him to hack and hack and hack (he threw up the other day he coughed so much, something I am prone to do). R. finally pinned him down to get him to stop. It helped.

I'm reading the last of the Merrimack books by Meluch. I'll try to remember to post a group review of numbers 2-4 when I finish.
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