walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Pink. Pink! Hmmm. Oh, and scheduled C-sections. Cribs, too

H/T DaddyTypes


Periodically I tell people that I read somewhere (not here) that pink used to be for boys and blue for girls. They never believe me. But the author of this piece clearly read something similar.

Otherwise, kinda silly.


DT points out coverage problems with this.

Me, I'm just goggling at the rarity of scheduled c-sections after 41 weeks. I must be a rare one indeed. I was also contemplating some of the hypothetical reasons given. We did indeed schedule it for Friday, rather that trying to push through to Monday (which would have put us at 43 weeks) in part because of mother-in-law's schedule (come on. It's _not_ unreasonable to schedule things to ensure additional help.).

Article at the Chicago Tribune about cribs, new regulations first time in a couple decades.


Creepiest bit:

...cribs are designed for a family to leave a baby unattended for many hours at a time...

Yeah. That would would basically be my entire problem with a crib. Right there. I'm sort of lying about the "creepiest bit", because there's a story further down about a 9 month old in a crib (one hopes the parents didn't put her back in that crib after that incident).

Good news tho -- looks like we're finally ditching voluntary standards. About fucking time.
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