walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Week 2 of Child Care

Yesterday, I did not have child care, because D. was ill with a stomach thing. We don't want stomach things, so we're glad he stayed home and recuperated. He is here today, and we got to continue our conversation about third wave feminism and assorted related topics. Gotta love child care that hangs around and talks that kind of politics when I'm breastfeeding the kid. I went down to the exercise room, and had a fairly glorious session and almost set off my asthma when I decided to do quarter mile intervals at 6 mph. I am now officially tired.

I went to visit K. and her older daughter L. today, and the two cats. Teddy dealt with both ends of the car ride really well, and was generally in a good mood today. I didn't get any really long segments last night, but I got 2 3 and a half hour segments and a two hour segment, so I'm not complaining.
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