walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Toddler Fun: I Love You! and other language fun

T. has been saying this to me for a little while now, and I tried to convince other people to say this to him over the holidays (T-day and Xmas). It's surprisingly hard to get R.'s extended family to say these words to T. Well, not surprising. It's amazing how reluctant most people are to say these three words in a row to anyone in person. Shocking, actually, that young men in romantic relationships catch such crap for not wanting to say it. No one _else_ ever says it; why should they? They've got no practice. (Fair's fair -- C. tried really hard, but T. would not reciprocate.)

In any event, T. and I say it back and forth like a game -- like stairway catch (it's hard for a toddler to throw a ball any distance; the stairs help if he's at the top), or running a car back and forth across a room at each other. And let me just say, there is no more rewarding exchange than this. That I know of. Saying I love you repeatedly is totally underappreciated.

Tonight, when R. was putting T. to sleep, I heard T. say it to R. Unfortunately, T.'s pronunciation is a little dodgy and takes some getting used to and R. didn't recognize it. Still, a very, very good development.

T. is consistently saying "I'm done" when he finishes eating, instead of the old stand-by, "All done" or "all gone". We got us some pronouns, yes, we do.
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