walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Happy New Year!

Yeah, so I'm a day late.

I've written checks and gotten the year right, so wonders truly will never cease.

There was a Bones marathon yesterday. Today, I unexpectedly had a lot more child care than I thought I would. T. went over to B.'s house, and R. went to work, so it was just me and A. for hours and hours. After sleeping in, eating a leisurely breakfast and deciding to do nothing useful beyond cleaning up after breakfast, I loafed in the glider rocker all day nursing A. and watching Bones.

Bones is not as fun as NCIS which, in turn, just isn't as much as Stargate was. But I've seen all of SG-1 (including the two specials), and don't care for Atlantis, and I'm waiting for the rest of season 5 of NCIS in the mail so Bones it is. There are a wide variety of really entertaining essays that could be written on how certain news items are really appealing to the writers of police procedural TV shows (as near as I can tell, that idiot who did all the Gone Wild crap and his subsequent arrest and trial is just irresistible, but bodies being blown into the ceiling is also really tempting). But I'm not in high school -- or even college -- any more.

ETA: Oh, yeah, and the whole kiddie pageant thing. It's like crack for police procedural screenwriters.
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