walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

baa: or, I'm not even sure I'm the lead sheep

NYT article about the small number of people (like me) who buy most of the books increasingly are buying online. They do _not_ mention online books (altho the Seattle Times [ETA: My bad -- the PI] had a recent article about that trend).


A few years back, I started making a concerted effort to buy used if I could do so for about the same amount as new-on-Amazon (I have Prime shipping, so the used copy had to be a few dollars less to come out even). Last year, R. bought me a kindle, and that has further limited the number of new books entering the house. Further aggravating the situation for book publishers: most of the new books I buy, I pass along to the local library as soon as I've read them.

I don't regret doing this. I'm happy other people are doing the same. I'm mildly sorry about the impact on publishers and authors, but this really all highlights something the tech crowd has been saying for 15-20 years now: what the world really needs is an excellent micropayments system.

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