walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

A successful, if tiring, week

D. was here three days, and while each day was different, they all worked out. The first day I spent in the next room. The second day I went down to the exercise room and worked out on the treadmill (did a mile, in 6 2 minute intervals). The third day I (gasp) drove to Kirkland and had a martial arts class. I was terrified, both because I was convinced I wouldn't remember how to do anything and would magically and tragically be a goofy novice again, and because I kept worrying that I'd get a call any minute that Teddy had been wailing inconsolably for the last n minutes and I must come home now because starvation was imminent (clearly and impossibility).

However my instructor was and is brilliant, so I did not, in fact, forget everything I learned over the course of five years and had instead a wonderfully fun time learning some new stuff and being reminded of some old stuff. And Teddy was, as before, perfectly happy hanging out with D. I'll give it another week, and then switch to twice a week, subject to holiday weirdness.

In addition to clearing out my brain by having time to myself that was not devoted to immediate, basic, physical needs (like sleeping or taking a shower), I got to write, work out and plan a vacation. We're spending the last week of the year in Leavenworth (yeah, I know; the goal was Stevens Pass, to get up in the snow and above the clouds. This was the closest large mass of rental properties and even so most of them were booked already). D. may come along, which would mean R. and I could both go cross country skiing without worrying about the kid freezing to death.
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