walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Surprise! We may not have power but. . .

We're about to have gutters.

There was some rescheduling (repeatedly) on the whole gutter thing, but today they showed up.

It's bizarro world here at the O.-A. residence: the generator is providing our power, we have wireless connectivity, we even have fresh video inbound because I increased my Netflix subscription to make up for the lake of cable and thus the reduced number of NCIS episodes. We have cell phones and land lines.

If I trusted that generator more, and was willing to give up the Rachel Maddow Show, the Daily Show and the Colbert Report (well, I guess I could watch them on line, but it would be hideously slow over the cell connection), we could do this indefinitely.

If, if, if.

I _like_ my dependence on the grid, thank you very much. Please give it back. Soon.

I am, however, quite pleased about the gutters.

Oh, and there's white stuff on the ground. Don't know if I mentioned that.

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