walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Forbidden Love and Space Opera: revisiting Meluch

I still haven't called K. about this, but I've got a moment to post so I'm going to.

Meluch's _The Myriad_ has a variety of romantic connections within it, some consummated, some requited but not consummated and some unrequited. All -- or virtually all -- of those romantic connections are of the Star-Crossed Lovers variety and most are of the Forbidden Love variety. That's saying something, given how damn hard it is to come up with a Forbidden Love that makes any sense any more these days (and Meluch didn't do Lolita anywhere, which is the obvious one).

We've got a Roman and a US guy: gay guy unrequited attraction to an Honorable Enemy
We've got Love Between the Species: requited but unconsummated, between our heart-of-gold chick and the despot of three planets
We've got a guy who didn't marry his True Love because she was fragile, but instead married a woman who could take care of herself while he was away -- so well she had two kids by two other guys
The same guy who _did_ marry his True Love (remember the paradox I mentioned?), but she really was that fragile and she killed herself (consummated -- but still Star-Crossed)
Heart-of-gold woman who'll happily do anything with anyone -- as long as they aren't married -- who learns her lover is/was married
And the same woman and her CO: requited and both consummated and not consummated

Could this _possibly_ be a coincidence? My one remaining question is: did Meluch do this on purpose or is this another case of durn-I-just-exposed-my-innards-in-my-creative-work?

I said "virtually all" above, because I can't quite convince myself there isn't a non-star-crossed-lovers relationship somewhere in the book. But be damned if I can think of one off-hand.

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