walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Back in Seattle

We spent two weeks (Saturday-Saturday) on the east coast. The first week we spent catching up with a few people in Brookline, cleaning the house, dealing with the water Wilma dumped (indirectly) in our basement and R. got sick. Not really what I had hoped for. The weekend plus a couple days on each side we spent in Connecticut, where mom-in-law hosted a massive multi-day meet-the-baby fest. All of R.'s siblings showed up, all but one of their spouses and all of the cousins. And one of the groomsmen from the wedding, his wife and their kids. That was more like it, but we were all overstimulated and required a day in the hotel to recover. We then drove back to NH, stopping to see people who'd left a pearl necklace at our wedding (long story) and return that necklace, also to see their very fresh baby (about a week old) and catch up. The second week we spent seeing still more people in NH and in Boston, including one memorably dinner at Koreana with about 15 people.

All my friends who said to nurse on ascent and descent to keep the kid quiet on the plane were absolutely right -- worked beautifully. Teddy was not hungry on the outbound descent (I insisted on a nonstop flight; I'm not stupid, even if Logan is evil, it cannot be as bad as switching planes with a baby) and was reluctant to feed. He whacked his ear a couple of times to get across how much pain he was in. I kept telling him it wouldn't get better if he didn't suck. He apparently understood, operatively if not semantically.

Then yesterday was a nightmare. He wanted to nurse nonstop. He wouldn't sleep and he screamed whenever I wasn't holding him. I think he caught R.'s cold. He was somewhat better this morning, but I was dreading the arrival of our new manny, convinced he'd give up in the face of Teddy's wailing. Thankfully, D. is awesome. I've had over an hour and a half to catch up on e-mail. Woohoo!
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