walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Life in a National Disaster

Here in southern New Hampshire, I have been patting myself on the back many, many times a day for insisting, back in 2003, that we get a generator. It was more expensive to buy than we expected (had I known then, I would have built in the 20% less than the best possible deal out there that I know my husband's cost estimates invariably represent). We learned things about gas plumbing that we probably should have anticipated. There was trench digging. The generator has some wiring shortcomings (crappy plug in the trickle charge to the battery which caused it to shut down last night when the battery finished draining. R. swapped it with the Fit's battery last night, diagnosed and fixed the problem today, swapped the batteries back and put the Fit battery on a trickle charger to get it back up to speed. Have I mentioned lately how much I love and appreciate my husband?), but because it is essentially a swap for the service (same amperage; well, it would be if the generator operated to specs, which will probably involve getting a service tech out here to troubleshoot. And make it auto-swap when the power goes on and off at the street) so we don't have to worry particularly about what we do and don't use.

Thus we have heat, hot water, lighting, electricity, laundry. What we don't have, because a neighbor's tree branch froze, broke off, landed on the wires that serve our house and _ripped them out of the house_, is cable. J. came by and patched it back up, but we await PSNH and others to finish the job properly. In the meantime, we have Tivo. We still have internet because I have a phone that tethers to R.'s laptop (again with the patting of myself on the back).

As long as we stay home, there's really nothing obviously wrong in the world. Well, there's a lot less light pollution at night. However, if you drive around outside, it's really kinda scary. So scary, I'm glad I haven't given in to the temptation to wander the neighborhood with the stroller to see what's what. There are lines down _everywhere_.

We went to an open house today in Acton (26 Agawam, 1960s vintage torn down to basement and rebuilt, plastered recently, new septic, blah, blah, blah) which was interesting. Because it wasn't finished, we got a good look at the build quality and are suitably impressed. But the yard isn't as big as we'd like and the location isn't really what we want so we'll keep looking. Also, despite price drops, it's not as low as we'd like, either. We had lunch at the Atlantic Street Grill, which was huge (the lunches were huge) and tasty. While much of Massachusetts lost power when we did, they more or less have their power back (well, at least the bits of Mass that we went through). Not so in New Hampshire.

But center Brookline does have power so with any luck, I get to go to book group tomorrow night.

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