walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

How Reality TV is Like Terrorism

I wonder if someone at the NSA will have to read this now. Have fun kiddies!

Once upon a time, long ago when Reagan was POTUS and I was in high school, I had to write papers for English class. Sometimes, these papers were on a topic of my choosing. One time I chose the topic of Terrorism. And I decided it would be a humor piece.

You have to remember both how Serious we were about Terrorism, in the wake of the Iranian hostage crisis, and how unpleasant my sense of humor can be (which is, of course, why I conceal it from most people). By the time I wrote this piece, we were well into the Iran Contra arms deal scandal; not too much later, I bought a T-shirt with a cartoon depicting Oliver North on it.

Please, please, please let someone, somewhere be getting a good laugh out of thinking about those times.

In any event, the title I chose was How to Get Terrorized (I still have the paper, btw, but I haven't unpacked it for the purposes of writing this post, lest reality interfere with this brilliant idea I had today, which is how Reality TV is like Terrorism. In a funny way.).

And here, without further ado, is how Reality TV is Like Terrorism: it, too, can be mocked in a mildly amusing and marginally insightful way in a high-school level of writing. Only because I'm almost 40, and blog, rather than take English classes, Reality TV will be the subject of the next few blog entries.

Enjoy. Or not.

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