walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Black Friday Fatalities: at least three

2 in a Toys R Us in California


Argument over toys between women accompanied by men leads to shots fired by the men at each other. Sounds like they killed each other, but I'm open to other interpretations here.

1 in a Long Island (NY) Wal-Mart, a greeter trampled at the door


I heard about the second one while I was hanging out at C.'s house. I was skeptical and the people repeating the story had heard about it from a friend on FaceBook or Other Unknown Source so R. checked it out and found the NYT article. I just now ran across the Toys R Us article courtesy DaddyTypes Freakout Friday. Which I recommend, as always.

The stores, needless to say, are attempting to claim It's Not Their Fault. Well, I, for one, kinda question that. You create a situation with an expectable result, it seems like you bear some kind of responsibility. Albeit I think more in the WalMart situation than in the Toys R Us thing.

R. and I went out to brunch at Michael Timothy's (where everyone oohed and ahed over A.). The chef produced a written list of everything I could have on the buffet so I had a fabulous time. It Was Not Cheap (turned out to require most of 4 yuppie food coupons, instead of the expected 3, but we did both have coffee and alcoholic beverage) but it was really excellent. If you find yourself in Nashua, NH on a Sunday morning or early afternoon, it would be hard to over-recommend it. I asked R. if he wanted to go to the mall after (I asked before we left the house to determine whether we should bring the stroller base) and he looked at me as if I were deranged. I probably was.

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