walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

I'd say I was a cheap drunk, but. . .

R. and I had lunch at Giorgio's sans kids (this is very cool, but not very cheap since it involves having two sitters at once). I had one drink, a margarita which even R. acknowledged may well have been a triple between the size of the glass, that it was straight up and the potency. It was really, really good and R. got at least a third of it and I was still almost stumbling by the time lunch was over. Granted, drinks arrived first, and I don't hardly ever drink anything any more. Lunch was around 2 p.m. and I hadn't had any breakfast beforehand.

But when the one drink lists for $14, even a single drink drunk isn't particularly cheap. Geez.

It was really good tho. Fresh lime juice. Cointreau. Really nice tequila. I don't even have a headache.

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