walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Exercise is Great

Two weekends ago we went around Green Lake and I've been out on walks with Teddy, but I haven't had a really good mid-high aerobic workout since the first trimester of my pregnancy. But Saturday we went down to the exercise room, and Tuesday and Wednesday evening also, and I've been able to do intervals (well, I put the wrong bra on Saturday, so not then, but yesterday and today). I got 5 2 minute intervals at 5 mph today and feel quite pleased with myself. I had to drop the incline to almost flat for the recovery to squeeze that much into a half hour, but still. I did not lose as much fitness as I had feared. Which is good, because I'm going to start martial arts classes again when we get back from the East Coast, since we have lined up child care for 12 hours a week (please, please, please let this actually work out). I'll be hanging about part of the time writing, and using the rest of the time for swimming and martial arts. Even the prospect of this improves my mood. The reality of 3 half hour sessions in the fitness room without being on-call for Teddy helped even more. My husband is quite wonderful.

Currently reading _How to Avoid the Mommy Trap_, which is a much better book than that title would suggest. I'll be buying copies for friends as they decide to reproduce (or at least give evidence they are thinking of doing so).

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