walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Mall Crawl

I've been to the mall since having T. I know I have. And yet, yesterday was the first time I Went to the Mall. Not just to Target. Not to go to lunch with a friend and, oh, let's stop and get a family picture taken while we're here. But The Mall -- as in, wander around into several shops, try on things that probably won't work out, but might. Look at stuff without a tight focus on find, buy, escape.

A. is _so_ much easier to take places than T. R. taking FMLA means we have time and energy for this kind of outing. And Lots and Lots of child care means T. doesn't need to be involved. We did buy him a snow suit (down -- here's where we find out whether he's allergic or not) and some mittens and lined cords and lined jeans. He insists on playing outside and we don't want him to freeze to death.

We also went to Barmakian Jewelers for my Christmas present (a charm bracelet). That was also disturbingly fun, especially since the place was dead (midday midweek, they'd be quiet anyway, but the season is pretty dire for everyone) and we had an Adorable Little Baby (by definition, all little babies are adorable, even if they are kinda weird looking) with us and the sales folk were uniformly women with grown children, mostly without grandkids.

R. is hooked on Origins' Ginger Rush, which we bought. I got a red trench coat, among other things.

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