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I was going to talk about tragic flaws, but if I'm going back to the Greeks let's just go all the way back to the Greeks.

Brunonia Barry in her blog talks about her interest in the Hero's Journey and trying to come up with a female version of the Hero's journey and how this led to _The Lace Reader_. Now, this is pretty creepy, but Very Explanatory (that whole rescue Angela by pulling her *by her hair* *in water* *in a tunnel* to escape an angry mob led by a man, well, can you get any more Jungian-female than _that_). The thing with the Hero tho typically revolves around either a Mistake/Omission or Dude's Strength Turns Out To Be His Weakness.

Turning the hairy eyeball on the Lace Reader, Our Narrator's Dissociative Disorder qualifies well for Hamartia: she survived by Not Being There and/or Not Being Herself. Unfortunately, that eventually turned out to have an extremely high cost. But since Barry wanted a happy ending, there's a team of specialists available at the end to help her out.

All that remains is to figure out whether that Last Message from Eva is: (1) See she was saved by a woman how nice, or (2) Eva is still trying to suck her back down (think the hand reaching from beyond the grave) but probably failing (vision is weakening).

I should note here that I don't like tragedies. Not Greek ones. Not Shakespearean ones. None of them.

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