walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

late night monty python

When I was quite young, PBS picked up Monty Python from the BBC. Well, for sure our local PBS station in Seattle did. My older sisters thought it was hilarious and I tagged along for long enough to start finding it really hilarious, too. I've watched Flying Circus episodes and Monty Python movies on and off over the ensuing decades but hadn't seen an animated sequence in several years. Then last night, I was watching a relatively ordinary Flying Circus animation when I had a really weird thought.

This is all gender-bender stuff. Like _all_ of it, one way or another. _Really_ queer, not just homosexual male stuff.

How I failed to notice _that_ I'll never know. Has everyone else been seeing this all along and I just missed it? I mean, The Lumberjack Song, that's pretty obvious. But the cartoons?

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