walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

the bin shuffle

I'm continuing the bin shuffle, particularly since I'm more able to get A. to sleep in the baby hammock (so _not_ trapped in the chair; this also explains why I'm blogging a bit more). Today's finds include: more stuff to go in the newly created bin o' halloween goodness (mostly small stuff like Halloween books and tattoos); a pair of size 9 snow boots (T. is currently outgrowing 8 1/2 sneakers but the 9 1/2 sneaks are a big large; we bought him size 10 snow boots but weren't at all sure if that would work; these are from last year); and the stroller foot muff. Which I bought impulsively either last year or the year before, and am now belatedly realizing was an incredible score.

A. is cranking. Will be back in a bit to whinge about Britax Companion incompatibility issues and lack of availability of accessories in the US.

ETA: Where was I? Oh, yeah. Whining. We love the Britax Companion, but it is a bummer in terms of connecting it to the rest of the world of baby gear: stroller to connect it to, footmuff. I eventually bought the Vigour (on ebay), and now I'm looking at tricking it out with things like a cupholder and goddess only knows what else. The footmuff/baby bunting/wtf (called Cosytoes but apparently only available in the UK and out of stock at some sites there as well) exist, but getting one seems like a horrendous amount of trouble.

The stroller bag I bought a couple winters ago is a Kaiser and for the life of me, I can't quite figure out where I bought it online back then (maybe the same store that sold me the Suse's Kinder Baby Wearing crap, er, gear -- the waist pack diaper bag, the poncho, etc.). It's really nice, and R. says it fits in the Vigour (which is to say, sticks out over the bottom, but buntings/footmuffs/wtfs tend to do that anyway -- the crucial bit is whether the straps fit through the holes in the back) so that's good enough for me.

I'm eying a baby bucket cover (the JJ Cole Bundle Me is legendary for not fitting well in the Companion, so I'd have to get one of the massive ones that goes over the outside rather than one that fits inside) but suspect it is superfluous, particularly since long walks will likely involve the stroller seat + stroller bag, rather than the baby bucket.

Oh, and there goes A. I'm about done whining about incompatibility anyway.

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