walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Baby Baths

I think Teddy has dandruff. R. still thinks it might be milk he spit up and somehow got on his scalp, but Teddy has been getting baths twice a week so I no longer think so. I am sort of wondering if maybe I shouldn't be using the Burt's Bee's shampoo bar on his head. Maybe it's drying or something.

The first couple baths (which we didn't even try until Teddy was a few weeks old) I did in the tub with Teddy on my legs. R. handed him into me and took him back out, dried him off and dressed him up again. However, I decided that this was enough fun to be worth trying to do on my own, provided I could do it without accidentally dropping Teddy, or letting him freeze to death while I safely got in and out. Ultimately I hit upon getting the bathroom nice and warm, putting him in the basket next to the tub, getting in myself, taking him out of the basket, bathing him, putting him back in the basket in a towel, drying him there, getting out, putting on a robe, picking him up and dressing him. A little involved, but safe and fun for both of us. He did pee on me in the tub this last time (hardly unexpected), and he kept trying to turn his head and drink the bathwater when I helped him float. He succeeded somewhat, but then spat it all up while I was dressing him, and he appears otherwise unharmed.

I really like the basket. The basket is versatile.

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