walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

stroller update: Britax Vigour explores the outdoors and indoors

A. and I went for a walk with, er, my daughter A. in the stroller. It rolls very smoothly, even on the at times crappy roads near our house. I pushed it part way; A. pushed it most of the way and we were both pleased. A. (little one) slept on and off, and seemed reassured to see us when she opened her eyes.

Later in the evening. We took the stroller to Costco. We did need diapers, but we were also surfing for toddler clothing and some other stuff -- nothing urgent. R. had T. in the cart; I wandered off with A. in the stroller (wheels unlocked so they pivot). Costco was very quiet, but we had a couple clear instances of stroller curiosity. One was a dad with a baby-in-bucket-on-cart who was clearly trying to figure out what the hell I was pushing; the other was the woman at checkout who explicitly asked about the stroller. One never knows if this is admiration or people-being-appalled-at-the-crazy-stuff-parents-buy. But it was entertaining that the stroller actually beat out the baby for conversational value.

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