walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Kris Longknife: Intrepid_, Mike Shepherd (kindle)

I think this is book 5, but please do not hold me to that assertion.

This series is related to another series by this author (and possibly a co-author) under another name which I haven't read.

This series is primarily about a multi-generational vendetta between two families and the multi-planet systems they rule? Have substantial influence in? Dunno how precisely to characterize it. They've been kidnapping and/or assassinating each other for a while now. Both sides have daughters (Kris and Victoria) in their respective militaries. They've gone up against each other directly and indirectly in previous outings; this time, they've actually teamed up and there's a tantalizing possibility that they might be able to bury the feud. I'm sure this hope will be dashed in the future (or, possibly, the Smythe-Peterwalds will be run out of Greenfeld in some kind of revolution and take refuge in US space).

Kris also has to deal with someone who used to be her CO when she was a boot ensign (and who has since been run out of Wardhaven's military). Thorpe is a party to an invasion of a Rim colony and Kris is not in time to head him off but IS in time to beat back the invasion with the assistance of the Scrappy Libertarian Locals. She picks up the ground CO as a POW and he is clearly going to come in handy in the future.

In the course of attempting to claim an evil slaver pirate ship as a prize, and trying to figure out what to do with Hernando Cortez, she encounters Creepy Shysters who are clearly a party to all of the above.

Oh, I'm sure something else happened, too. Like, Nelly picking up valley slang (which makes no sense, but let's not think about that too hard) from the 12 year old relative of Abby they picked up in the last book (or maybe the one before that; it's so hard to tell any more). There's also the obligatory bloodbath, this time on a farm and in some tunnels, complete with white robed religious nutjobs on the opposing team (as mercenaries, no less).

Look. Don't _start_ this series here. But if you have a serious weakness for female heroes in really cheesy mil sf, this might be enough to carry you over between, say, Honor Harrington novels. Particularly since Elizabeth Moon's Vatta's War series has been wrapped up and you never know when there will be another one.

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