walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

christmas sweaters

For the last couple years, I've bought a truly appalling sweater for Christmas. Previously, I went with the websites of the home shopping channels (QVC and HSN), since that was all I could find online with sufficiently atrocious sweaters. The first year's theme was reindeers; last year's theme involved penguins.

This year, however, I discovered a new website. And I have ordered and received this year's sweater. Check it out -- cats and shopping bags. R. _swears_ it is adequately Christmas-y, but I have my doubts. I probably would have gone with the Nutcracker sweater instead.


The goal is to eventually have enough really bad holiday sweaters to wear a different one every day from T-day to Boxing Day -- or at least the 12 Days of Christmas. I feel like I should really give my children something to roll their eyes over and make them want to hide their mother away from their friends. Fortunately, R.'s sense of humor/style is at least as veering as mine -- he gets it.

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