walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

ASD and House

I didn't feel like watching the episode of Law & Order, Criminal Intent from 2002 (or was it 2005? does it matter?) that was on at the moment, and nothing on the Tivo or any other channel was all that compelling, so I figured I'd watch an episode of House. I used to find Hugh Laurie moderately amusing Back in the Day (R. was stunned to realize he'd been on Blackadder as Prince George). I persistently confuse Laurie with Fry (not to look at -- to keep the names straight), which is a little unfortunate. But I found the marketing for House to be incredibly off-putting, which is why I hadn't watched any episodes yet (well, and medical dramas tend to irritate me, also).

In any event, the episode I hit upon was the one with the autistic, sand-eating (oops, I guess that would be a spoiler, right?), parasite-ridden boy who only House takes really, really, really seriously. I have Issues (duh, when do I not). Heroic medicine, diagnostic categories that actually map to the real world. Whatever.

Easily the best bit in the episode is the confusion in the discussion between the boy's mom and House in which she says he trusted House (which he did) and House persists in understanding his interaction with the boy in true Aspie/ASD fashion: No Generalizations Allowed. Beautiful. The oncologist twisting the knife (you're really just a jerk) after actually acknowledging that he understands House at the end was entertaining as well. If any of the other episodes are this good, I'll clearly have to start Tivo'ing this and catching up.

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