walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Busy, busy, busy

To external eyes, I'm sure it looks like I'm just mooching around the apartment in my pjs (altho it's been more than a decade or so than I last thought that about new parents, so maybe I should give people a little more credit than that). In detail, I have returned to what I do every time I'm heavier and more frazzled than I want to be: Vigorously pursue my (now our) Basic Needs in detail, in priority order. Our postpartum doula has of course been very helpful in getting us naps and feeding us until we could manage those things on our own, and also buying groceries for us. This last weekend, all three of us (R., me and Milkbreath) made it to Madison Market and did a nice big shop without anyone outside the family being involved. This is amazing (of course R. had been on his own) to me. We also managed dinner two days in a row without specific pre-planning, and without having to nuke anything or order take out or delivery. I hesitate to call this normal, when Milkbreath's sleeping sessions during the night seem to be getting shorter, rather than longer, but it's not too bad.

Milkbreath and I, with the gear assistance of a Baby Bjorn, have made it out for walks by ourselves two days in a row. We've been cloth diapering during the day for a weekish now, and things seem to be going well. R. got our tix for the trip east later this month/beginning of November.

The anemia seems to be much better (no new hematocrit, so other than pulling my eyelid down and assessing my general energy levels it's hard to tell). I restarted bleeding after an 8 day break. The midwife sez that's a little weird since I've been breastfeeding, but it's within the 56 days so probably not a period. She is wrong and I told her she was. The postpartum doula is also hoping it's not a period. She is also wrong, but I liked the way she expressed it -- she was commiserating with me. But R. had in fact noticed when I ovulated and had been expecting what happened and had no doubts about it. I just freaked out, thinking I'd overdone or something. Turns out the timing is _exactly_ when my period would have come back if I _had not_ been breastfeeding. Which brings me to Rant #1 of the day: when are we going to get real information about postpartum bleeding? But Milkbreath calls. The saga may continue at some other time.

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