walkitout (walkitout) wrote,


We went down to the library today to introduce A. to the Wonderful World of Free Reading Material. Well, really to introduce her to some people who work there who I really like a lot and hadn't seen in a while. That was pleasant. Then we stopped at a neighbor's house who we hadn't seen yet to show her the baby. She has The Touch -- A. conked out in her arms. Wow. When R. and I attempted to transfer her to the car seat to go home, we had a little Error and her head got bonked which pissed her off. Now, A. is really a quiet baby -- most of the time. But when she is unhappy, she Lets Everyone Hear About It (my kinda kid, really). I walked her home rather than risk a second round with the car seat and possible permanent negative association.

This is the _next door neighbor_ north of us on the same side of the street and while we live in a rural area, the houses just aren't that far apart. But boy, I'm sure going to keep the walking to a minimum for at least another week. It's not so much that it was painful as I just felt sore by the time I got home. And it's only been 3 weeks since surgery so, really, why push it?

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