walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Consuming Motherhood_ (kindle) and _Hot Number_ (swapped paperback)

_Consuming Motherhood_, Janelle S. Taylor, Linda L. Layne, and Danielle F. Wozniak

I don't recall precisely what prompted me to buy this book. Presumably I was linking around on recommended stuff on Amazon. In any event, this is a collection of academic essays (some previously printed in one form or another elsewhere) about the commodification of babies/mothers/the dyad. There's ethnography, anthropology, etc. Almost all of it, rather than being about Some Culture in Africa, is about Some Cross-Section of Society in England, the US or some other western nation. There's stuff about transnational adoption, pregnancy loss, stillbirth, fostering, childbirth and how people buy stuff to Mark The Place of Their Baby in the world.

It's okay. I had really been hoping for excellent, but it's just okay. Even the Robbie Davis-Floyd essay was a little too close to one of her essays in _Mainstreaming Midwives_ so, while excellent, I'd more or less read it already (it's possible _that's_ how I tumbled to the existence of this book).

I kind of wanted a scholarly version of what I think _Parenting, Inc._ is. You know, someone dismantling trends in Baby Shit and documenting how people Mark the Place of Their Baby in Society by the crap they put on/do to their baby. Ideally, without being creepily judgmental (which is why I'm avoiding, less and less successfully by the day, _Parenting, Inc._).

Trust me, you can skip _Consuming Motherhood_.

_Hot Number_ is another in the Hot Zone series by Carly Phillips. If you're looking for a fast, entertaining but extremely fluffy romance novel set in teh World of Sports, you could do worse (I've mostly blocked out a really bad Deirdre Martin novel, for example -- altho to be fair, her more recent entries may have improved).

Since _Hot Item_ is sitting on the table next to me (funny how they just keep showing up every couple of days), I think I will just call a halt to this review in favor of reading a trashy novel (or, possibly, watching more Law and Order).

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