walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Bits and pieces

The weather today is sunny and warm. Yes, probably even above freezing.

The weekend was good. We went out Friday night and did not eat at Dali's because we got going a bit late and so hit the crush instead of missing it. We went across the street to the Kebab Factory which was wonderful. I had lamb dosa. Yum. Then back across the street to the Kirkland to sit down (heaven) and listen to The Weisstronauts and a little bit of Paved Country. The menopause jokes were a bit jarring.

Mike, Roland and I went walking about Beaver Brook on Saturday. Tromping across a frozen lake covered with 6-8 inches of snow is interesting, and not an activity I feel like engaging in by myself (especially since it has warmed up). We didn't have skis or snowshoes, so we had to tromp and that gets old after a bit. More fun, less nerve-wracking, and less tiring on the trail. Very, very pretty day, however. We went out for sushi and panasian after at You You.

Sunday, of course, was The Big Game, complete with some bizarre beer ads and Janet Jackson's pastied-breast. Good game. A real nail-biter. Our hostess said she was missing a couple fingers by the end of it, complete with visual punchline. I either drank too much, ate too much, or didn't have enough water, because I've been feeling a little queasy ever since.
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