walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

domestic terrorism

So let me get this straight.

Palin has accused Obama of palling around with domestic terrorist(s). McCain has not backed off from that. They are also, in more or less the same breath as talking about some guy from Weather Underground who is sufficiently well-respected now to be on the Annenberg Board (where have I heard of that? Oh, wait, that'd be one of the groups that's constantly funding Arty Programs on PBS. No wonder the right wing hates them. They're elitists. Or something), acting like some organization called ACORN is Of the Devil. Now, as near as _I_ can tell, ACORN is a group (or possibly a group of groups -- I'm not too clear on this) of people who register voters who has some difficulty registering as voters (like, not having a stable address type of thing). In _my_ universe, this is A Good Thing.

But not, apparently, to the Bat Shit Crazy Followers of Palin and McCain, who have now vandalized ACORN offices in Boston and Seattle and phoned in death threats. Actions which I think constitute terrorism.


Me, I figured I'd have to bring women's clinics into the discussion to connect McCain and Palin to domestic terrorism. Apparently, I can leave them right out of it.

This is the point at which I toy with making a smart-ass remark about gun control laws being relaxed, and what would the bat shit crazy right wing mob think of their opposite numbers started exercising their second amendment rights. But now we all _know_ everything on the intartubes is being monitored, so maybe that little humorous expression should be minimized as much as possible.

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