walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

not sure what happened this week

R., A. and I went out to a late lunch/early dinner at Giorgio's today. That was fun. I even had a half a glass of Chianti. I got to go to the bank, too.

Yesterday was another check on the incision and that's healing really well now, so no more particular worries there.

I'm feeling well enough to get in and out of bed easily, and even down to the mattresses on the floor. T. has gotten up either really late or really early depending on your perspective. Two nights ago, he joined A. and I for a little while; last night I crawled in with him and had R. hang out with A. for a while. It's nice to be able to move around relatively freely.

We had company on Wednesday evening. R. had, fortunately, ordered two pizzas, hoping for leftovers so there was enough food; we'd sort of spaced on the fact we were having company. We've done this before; it's a bad habit. Company is contemplating parenthood so they left with my box of pregnancy and breastfeeding books (the ones that were good enough to keep). Assuming all goes well, we'll be able to pass a bunch of baby clothes along to them within the next year or so.

I did finally read _Consuming Motherhood_ and I also read _Hot Number_. Presumably, reviews will follow shortly.

The most notable development around here (I don't consider watching obscene amounts of television notable) is that I've felt mildly stoned pretty much continually for the last couple days. (This would be _before_ the glass of wine, and I'm mostly off the pain meds -- I only take something in the evening.) I'm assuming this is some kind of weird postpartum hormonal thing. Maybe this is the same thing that made me pass out after I had T., only without the anemia, I just feel also sleepy and pleasantly relaxed and happy.

I was going to try to stop by the library today, but it didn't quite work out; maybe tomorrow.

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