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Weekends are nice

K. visits, usually on Saturday, which means I get to hear all her stories from work over the past week, plus reviews of whatever movies and books she has seen and read, plus, recently, updates on her roommates forays into the world of Dating. Lots of fun.

R. is home, which means there's another pair of arms to hold the wee one, not to mention burble him, change his diaper, etc. This helps maintain my sanity.

I continue to be able to read (during the day; I try to keep the lights low when nursing at night, which pretty much limits me to crappy nighttime tv unless I have the presence of mind to put something in the DVD player. Altho now that I think about it, getting Tivo again makes a whole lot of sense. Hmmm.) while nursing, so I wandered off to Amazon the other day to spend a godawful amount on additional reading material. I recruited C., my walking partner from before the move to the right coast, to help me get out and about starting Monday. I went through the box of cloth diapers (a lot of Bummis, and some random other selections) and sorted by size out the ones that I think have a chance at fitting now/soon. And I ordered some clothes; it'll be interesting to see if anything of them fit when they arrive. Between the iffiness of sizing mailorder, and my still-rapidly-changing shape, it's kind of a crap shoot.

We're sleeping fairly well. Milkbreath eats so continually during the day that about every other night he conks out for 5-6 hours in a row from sheer exhaustion. Poor guy has blisters around his lips from all that sucking. The other every other night it's up every couple hours, which is less amusing. But since he's still less than a month old, and I am actually getting some sleep, I do realize I have nothing to complain about.

Yesterday, I was so determined to finish that book order I tried nursing him sitting propped up in my lap since I'd foolishly left the boppy in the other room, and it's hard to reach over it to the keyboard anyway (B. is right; I need a laptop). It kind of worked, altho he was a bit weirded out by it. I think he's a little young for that particular maneuver; his neck's still floppy when he's nursing.

I finished _Pledged_, which was an interesting and informative read, if a little horrifying. I also read _Boys will put you on a Pedestal (So they can look up your skirt)_ by Philip van Munching (wonder if I got that name right?). Saw him on Dr. Phil and liked him. The book did not disappoint. Currently working on Gottman's _Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child_, a book I got an abridged form of for R. on tape, possibly the smartest thing I've ever done in my entire life. It enabled him to learn early on when we were living together how to help talk me down when I get a little too excited about something, in a way that makes us both feel better about the relationship and each other. This is miraculous, and was completely unforeseen; I bought it because I like Gottman, and we were planning on having children, and neither one of us wanted to reproduce the way we were raised and were looking about for good strategies.
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