walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

another uneventful day in the rocking chair

B. came over for a few hours today, which was nice. I watched the military wives short-season of the Biggest Loser (2006). Saturday evening I watched waaaay too many episodes from season 9 of Law & Order SVU. I suspect I'm avoiding reading _Consuming Motherhood_, but some of this is just it's easier to watch TV than it is to read, and the markets are closed so CNBC is No Fun At All.

R. and T. went up to visit an old friend in Merrimack that R. used to live with and who still had some of R.'s stuff in his garage (a Very Large Chunk of maple and another smaller board). A neighbor came over to meet A. Not much else happened. R. picked up a couple pacifiers on his way back; we've concluded that it's Just Not Fair to A. that she sometimes wants to suck, but as long as that involves me, she winds up overeating and spewing. If she's eaten to the point she voluntarily comes off the boob, and then seems to want more sucking, we've got something to give her. In principle, I think this is a risky idea and just generally not good, but it seems to make sense as long as we're dealing with oversupply issues. I'm also putting her on the boob after T., since that's more likely to give her enough time sucking to be satisfying and may also help with the fat/sugar/fluid balance. She's choking less, which I figure is a good sign.

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